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Design leadership for an AI-based SaaS platform company.



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Product design leadership in a player / coach role for a suite of SaaS tools and data engines


Case study in progress. 

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Sam Leung
Director of Product Experience
at Zilliant

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“Jerra and I worked together on the product management team at Zilliant - and I am forever grateful that I did. It was amazing to witness the impact that she made at Zilliant almost immediately. With her process-oriented approach as well as her determination to enforce user-first design throughout the development process, she not only impacted the product roadmap but most importantly, shifted how the company thought about user experience.


She tirelessly worked with our users to understand their current business processes and then turned around and educated the internal stakeholders on how our software could elevate their process. It was truly user-first design that led the company on the right path for development.


In addition to her impact on the business, Jerra had a huge impact on me and my career. Although we worked on the same team, we were in very different roles. But since day one, she has been a huge advocate for me and introduced me to what UX really is - and how my skill set could be applied.


Simply put, Jerra elevates the people around her. You'll know what I mean if you have a single conversation with Jerra, or better yet, if you're lucky enough to work with her."

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Price Manager is a tool I focused on crafting and deploying with the cross-functional team at Zilliant. 

It is a transformational tool that allowed our users to approach price management in a whole new way. 

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In this video Barrett Thompson, General Manager of Commercial Excellence at Zilliant & Kumar Singh, Research Director at SAP Insider use the UX relationship landscape artifact to discuss Pricing strategy optimization and how technology solutions can help organizations build capability in this area.



The service blueprint for Zilliant customers is very complicated, so one of the first things I did was create a Relationship Landscape based on user research that illustrated the customer pain points alongside customer relationships, data, and events. 

It created such an "AHA" moment for Zilliant staff, customers, and experts in the industry that this UX artifact has been used over and over to help illustrate customer pain and how Zilliant products are solving real customer problems. 

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Relationship Landscape

This article appeared on Manufacturing Tomorrow and featured the Relationship Landscape UX artifact from our in-person customer research.

"Jerra and I worked together at Zilliant where she led the User Experience and Design initiatives. I was thoroughly impressed by Jerra’s ability to learn our customers’ business processes so quickly.

She was masterful at leading a large scale product design effort from conducting user interviews, documenting system and information flows and, most importantly, designing the features to address their problems.

I highly recommend Jerra and would jump at the opportunity to work with her again."

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Javier Aldrete
VP of Product Management, Zilliant
SVP of Product, ActivTrak

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